RIEMSER is a rapidly growing company that has committed itself to alleviate suffering.

The history of RIEMSER is closely connected to the Friedrich-Löffler-Institut on the island Riems. We are a fast-growing and internationally active company that has focused on specialty pharmaceuticals in human medicine, with a portfolio of drugs for the treatment of serious diseases in the fields of oncology, infectiology, neurology and dermatology. In addition, our strengths also lie in the sale of established drugs in the same therapeutic areas.

As part of its clear growth strategy, RIEMSER is constantly searching for innovative products or interesting partnerships. In 2014 and 2015, the subsidiaries Keocyt domiciled in France and Intrapharm domiciled in England joined the RIEMSER group. In 2016, by purchasing the CNS division of Dolorgiet, RIEMSER continued to expand its product range to include the therapeutic field of neurology.

Since February 2020, RIEMSER is part of ESTEVE, a global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona. The organisation thus covers important markets in Europe.

RIEMSER is open to entering into new partnerships, especially in Southern Europe and in the Scandinavian countries.

Our focus on specific therapeutic fields and on Europe makes us a powerful marketing and distribution partner. We concentrate on our core competences and effectively take advantage of the existing synergies between the therapeutic fields.