We are the ideal partner when it comes to entering into new markets for specialty pharmaceuticals.

As a marketing partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers, RIEMSER has developed highly effective distribution channels in key European regions. Many years of experience have led to the establishment of a strong network of opinion leaders in fields ranging from oncology, dermatology, infectiology to cardiovascular diseases and rheumatology.
Our objective consists of strengthening and developing our existing distribution channels and networks, both as a licensee and as a purchaser of products, product groups and companies . We have proven our ability to successfully introduce medications to new markets with Tepadina and Aloxi for example.

More revenue for your products

RIEMSER's marketing expertise also includes expanding the range of therapeutic applications of products. Systematic life cycle management allows for an extended product life cycle and increases the profitability of medications. Based on our profound understanding of international requirements and regulations, we are able to accelerate reimbursement procedures and indication extensions.

Excellent scientific basis for approvals

RIEMSER has extensive expertise when it comes to drug approval procedures. An experienced team is dedicated to European and international approvals. Close collaboration with recognized research institutes, universities and clinics in Germany and throughout Europe are crucial to the success of our approval strategies.